Everyone suffers minor aches and pains occasionally. However, it is not normal to suffer daily pain. Fortunately, there are specialists dedicated to getting to the root of your discomfort so that you can truly heal rather than mask the pain. Have you suffered daily joint pain, headaches or chest pain for more than 12 weeks? Well, enough is enough. Come to Aspire Pain Relief Institute for comprehensive care, starting with the source of your pain, not just the symptoms.

How Chronic Pain Behaves

If you wake up with pain every day, that is not normal. Chronic pain includes both severe and moderate discomfort. So, even if you aren’t in agony, pain can affect your quality of living, especially for older adults. Complications include loss of appetite, mood shifts and fatigue, among other symptoms. So, don’t let your pain take over your life.

If you still experience pain after your body has healed from an injury, it’s time to find the underlying cause.

We Find the Source of Your Pain

You have a complex network of nerves that communicate with different parts of your body. But, in some cases, these messages become confusing. That’s especially true with nerve injuries that involve your back, neck, joints and extremities. A compressed nerve can signal pain or leave you feeling weak in different parts of the body, for example. So, how can you get to the root of your pain?

Traditional medicine looks for quick fixes and doctors are far too eager to assign pain killers to mask the pain. At Aspire Pain Relief, we conduct the tests needed to find the source of your discomfort so that you can heal properly. Using interventional pain management, our outstanding medical team helps clients throughout Tampa and the surrounding areas find more permanent solutions for chronic pain.

What Interventional Pain Medicine Doctors Do

Interventional Pain Medicine physicians go through unique training to evaluate, diagnose and treat chronic pain throughout your body. By tapping into your central nervous system, these doctors read and interpret the signals your body sends to find the true source of your pain. Once they determine the cause, they can prescribe the appropriate treatment for chronic pain relief.

Dr. Jose Sarria, one of Tampa’s premier interventional pain doctors, leads the team at Aspire. He and other staff members worked tirelessly to find a correct diagnosis and provide the most effective chronic pain treatments available. Procedures tailored to your needs may include spinal injections, nerve blocks, and implantable devices.

Whenever possible, we avoid prescriptions for habit-forming painkillers. Instead, we would rather treat the pain with more direct approaches supervised by board-certified physicians.

Return to “Normal” Life With Interventional Pain Management

Living with chronic pain is not normal. We can help you find chronic pain relief that starts with finding the pain generator. Learn more about interventional pain management and book an appointment with our dedicated medical team today!