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Cancer Pain

Cancer pain is an extremely unique type of pain that requires a physician specially trained in this area to properly understand, diagnose, and treat the cause of the pain effectively. We do not simply treat symptoms – we provide extensive support and medical pain management that allows our patients to eat, sleep better, and improve their quality of life.

Aspire Pain Relief Institute is led by Dr. Jose E. Sarria, former Chief of Interventional Pain Medicine at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Understanding The Source, Not Just The Symptoms

Cancer pain is one of the most misunderstood conditions, because it can be influenced by so many different physical, psychological, and external causes. Cancer pain can be caused by a cancerous tumor pressing on bones, nerves and other bodily organs.

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Not all cancer pain is associated with the disease itself.

Sometimes, cancer pain is caused by the cancer treatment. Clearly, nerves, tissues or organs will be affected by surgical interventions. Chemotherapy drugs have been known to cause persistent symptoms of nerve irritation and bone break down. Radiation can have painful effects that may appear even years after treatment.

It’s very important to note that when it comes to cancer pain, the level of pain a person experiences is not directly related to the severity or recurrence of their cancer. If a patient’s pain is increasing it does not necessarily mean that the cancer has returned or is worsening. In fact, pain can continue long after the patient is cancer free.

Just because you have cancer or are going through cancer related treatment does not mean you have to live in pain. Different types of pain require different treatments. The experts at Aspire Pain Relief Institute can help.

Types of Cancer Pain

There are many different types of pain associated with cancer and cancer related treatments.

Nerve Pain

Also known as neuropathic pain. This can be caused by pressure on the nerves or spinal cord or can even be caused by direct damage to the nerves themselves. It is very common to have post-surgical nerve pain. Radiation and chemotherapy treatments can also contribute to nerve pain.

Somatic Pain

Cancer pain in the bones and joints is called somatic pain. Somatic Pain is usually localized and can be superficial; similar to pain caused by an everyday injury. Deep somatic pain is felt deeper in the body and usually presents as “aching” symptoms.

Visceral Pain

Usually related to organs or tissues that have been damaged by cancer or cancer treatment. Visceral pain can be difficult to describe and is usually harder to pin down to a specific area of the body.

Referred Pain

Some cancer patients complain of pain in an area of the body where the pain is not originating. This is called Referred Pain. For example, pain in the abdomen or groin may actually be the result of swelling or blockage of the kidneys which are located in the middle/upper back.

Phantom Pain

Phantom Pain occurs in a part of the body that has been removed. What causes phantom pain has been debated. One theory is that part of the brain understands the body part is missing while still another part of the brain can’t accept that reality.

Another theory is that phantom pain may be caused by poor pain control during surgery. Regardless, phantom pain is very real and has even been described as “unbearable” by some patients. Phantom pain does tend to decrease over time in some cases while in others is persistent.

Aspire Pain Relief Institute Understands Cancer Pain

Aspire Pain Relief Institute was founded with the goal of fulfilling the unmet needs of cancer patients and their specific pain symptoms. Dr. Jose E. Sarria, the founder of Aspire Pain Relief Institute, believes that most cancer patients are misunderstood and, therefore, under-treated for their pain as well as associated psychological or behavioral issues. The entire staff at Aspire Pain Relief Institute is committed to the best possible medical outcomes for each patient and accompanying support for patients’ loved ones.

Contact Us Today To See How We May Provide You With Excellent Care
In The Specialized Treatment of Cancer Pain.

Contact Us Today To See How We May Provide You With Excellent Care In The Specialized Treatment of Cancer Pain.