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Pelvic Pain

Our team of pain physicians are uniquely trained in the arena of pelvic pain – a complex condition that can involve multiple organs, muscles, bones, soft tissues, and ligaments. Pelvic pain is a complex issue – and can be difficult to pinpoint. It’s especially important to see a pain specialist, not a primary care physician, to determine the best treatment options available to you.

The Aspire Approach
Our Procedures

The Aspire Approach

At Aspire Pain Relief Institute, we specialize in treating chronic pelvic pain through minimally invasive procedures, focused on acquiring the best positive outcomes while reducing the use of opioids in the treatment of pain.

The board-certified physicians at Aspire Pain Relief Institute are uniquely qualified to treat the true source of your pain; we call it your “pain generator.” While an MRI may indicate injury, it doesn’t always reveal what’s causing the pain in the first place. Instead, our physicians perform extensive evaluations to determine the underlying source and create a specialized program to relieve chronic pain.

Symptoms of Pelvic Pain

We treat a number of pelvic and genital pain symptoms:

  • Pressure or Heaviness
  • Sharp Pain
  • Cramping
  • Dull Ache
  • Chronic Pain
  • Pain with Bowel Movements
  • Pain During Intercourse

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Aspire To Be Pain Free
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Our Procedures

We specialize in several innovative treatments to address the cause of your pelvic pain:

Superior Hypogastric Plexus Block and Neurolysis

An injection of anesthetic and a neurolytic agent, which disrupts nerve pain signals, to cause a numbing effect.

Pudendal Nerves Block and Neurolysis

An injection of anesthetic along the pudendal nerve for immediate and dramatic pain relief.

Ganglion Impar Block

An injection targeting a small area in front of the tailbone.

Ilioinguinal/Genitofemoral Nerves Block and Neurolysis

Blocks the pain signals from chronic hip, groin and pelvic pain.