If you have acute or chronic joint pain, don’t put off treatment. Doing so can cause permanent damage and leave you suffering far longer than necessary. Perhaps you hurt your knee in a sports injury or fell on a slippery sidewalk. Whatever caused your condition, our doctors take a unique approach to knee pain treatment.

Using interventional pain medicine, we take a holistic approach to locating the real source of your pain and discomfort, called the pain generator. This minimally invasive approach has many advantages including longer-lasting knee pain relief, fewer side effects and less reliance on pain medication.

Led by Dr. Jose Sarria, an industry-leading interventional pain doctor, Aspire creates a nurturing environment while applying evidence-based treatment for joint pain relief.

What’s Different About Interventional Pain Relief?

As well as extensive diagnostic methodologies, the doctors at Aspire Pain Relief Institute use diagnostic injections to track down the source of the pain. From injections designed to reduce swelling and minimize pain to neurostimulation that blocks nerve signals to the brain, there are many roads to explore before settling on a surgical resolution.

The main difference is that interventional pain medicine focuses on treating the source of your pain, not just providing temporary knee pain relief. Whatever you do, don’t avoid treatment for joint pain. This could cause permanent scarring, limited mobility and worsening pain. The bottom line is that your pain won’t go away unless you do something about it.

What Can I Expect From Interventional Knee Pain Treatment?

You will meet with a specialist trained in techniques designed to put the patient at the center of the treatment process. Your observations and experiences inform the interventional pain doctor the most likely causes of your condition. The specialist will work to identify and treat the source of the pain. If necessary, we perform nerve blocks and injections to achieve long-lasting move pain relief.

Neurostimulation for Knee Pain

Aspire Pain Relief also offers neurostimulation, which reroutes pain signals to and from the brain. If you have chronic pain and other knee pain treatment hasn’t worked, this can block your pain and allow you to regain mobility and functionality.

Will I Need Knee Surgery?

Sometimes, we do recommend knee surgery to correct underlying conditions. However, this only occurs after we have exhausted all non-surgical solutions. By treating the whole person, we often can find a resolution to knee pain without resorting to surgery.

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