When it comes time to finally seek treatment for your back pain, the options can sometimes be daunting and overwhelming, we get it. Back pain treatments can come in various shapes, sizes, types, frequencies, and forms, so how can you decide which one suits you best? We’ve laid out the seven back treatments we provide at Aspire to inform you about the innovative treatment options at our clinic.

Epidural Steroid Injections

Also known as ESI, this minimally invasive procedure starts with an x-ray guided needle being inserted into the painful area near the spinal cord. The needle injects a local anesthetic and a steroid into the surrounding area. Ultimately, the pain and inflammation will decrease around the nerve roots within days. Mobility can also be improved after injections, allowing other treatments like physical therapy to be completed more easily.

Percutaneous Disc Decompression

During a Disc Compression procedure, tissue is removed from one of the discs between the spinal bones to reduce the pressure surrounding it. Nerves in the spine can sometimes get pinched if too much pressure is built up, so this process aims to fix that. This technique has been proven successful for patients with a herniated disc or general back pain.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

This procedure uses mild electrical impulses sent through the back in order to stimulate the nerves near the spinal cord. The purpose of this is to intercept the signals sent to the brain that carry the sensation of pain. Spinal Cord Stimulation is one of the best treatments for chronic intractable pain, especially that caused by nerve damage.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Similar to the Epidural Steroid Injections, this injection contains local anesthetic and a steroid mix as well. However, this one goes into the joint connecting the two large bones down in the lower back. Both relieve pain, but the difference is the location of that pain.

Intrathecal Pump

An Intrathecal Pump provides patients the option to pump pain relief medication directly to the area of the spinal cord in pain. This implantable device is surgically placed under the skin of the abdomen. During this process, the pump can block pain signals on their way to the brain, providing long-lasting relief.


Specifically meant to treat spinal fractures, this minimally-invasive treatment injects bone cement into the fractured vertebra guided by an x-ray. The cement will harden, stabilize, and better support your spine, which will lead to a drastic reduction in pain. This treatment provides almost instant pain relief for many patients.

Radiofrequency Ablation

This needle-based procedure, also known as an RFA, blocks signals around the nerves causing the pain. The needle is placed close to the nerve in question and uses a small electrical current, targeting the painful area.

For visual explanations of these treatments, visit our back pain page.

If any of these innovative treatments seem to be the right fit for you and your back pain, reach out to us today to get started with treatment. If you are still not sure what exactly you need to heal your back, start by scheduling a consultation with one of our trained professionals to help you develop a course of action.